Halloween/Holiday Face painting in San Francisco

This was my first year in San Francisco for Halloween and I had a blast face painting a bunch of scary faces for friends that didn’t necessarily have a costume, but who needs a costume when you have your face painted!? I painted The Joker, a half skeleton face and a creepy face that made my friend look so different, he was hardly recognized at all of the parties he went to.

Half skeleton face paint by Cynnamon/Bay Area Party Entertainment The Joker face paint by Cynnamon/Bay Area Party Entertainment Scary Halloween face painting by Cynnamon/Bay Area party Entertainment

I also got to paint a few faces that were not scary. My friend Elz, who happens to be  a Dj, was going to wear a leopard onsey so she wanted me to paint some leopard spots on her face. She didn’t want to be completely painted as a leopard so I just framed her eyes with the animal print, used eyeliner to create cat eyes and then used gold glitter-bling to make it all pop.

Leopard print face paint by Cynnamon/Bay Area Party Entertainment Leopard print spots painted by Cynnamon/Bay Area Party Ent.

If you are interested in booking a face painter for your costume party or holiday party, call today! 415-548-1178



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