Face Painting at Birthday Party in San Francisco

Face Painitng at San Bruno Park near South San FranciscoThe most common kinds of parties I get hired for are birthday parties and most of the time, the biggest parties are to celebrate the First birthday! It’s typically the first time the whole family gets together to celebrate the baby’s arrival into the family and its always a PARTY! This 1st Birthday birthday party happened to be held on Father’s day at a beautiful park near San Francisco. It was one of the first parties I have face painted at that didn’t have any boys, only girls! So lucky for me, I got to face paint tons of pretty designs that included lots of glitter, painted on eyelashes and lipstick. The little girls all felt gorgeous and came back to have their lipstick touched up numerous times, which I always make time to do! Afterall, face painting makes little girls feel beautiful and what a blessing it is to be able to create that confidence and joy!

If you are interested in booking a face painter for your child’s 1st Birthday party, visit our website or call today! 415-548-1178


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