Strategies for Face Painting Toddlers

Yesterday I (Cynnamon) did face painting for the children at a holiday Christmas party held at the beautiful Elks Lodge in San Francisco, Ca. It was a great event geared toward children with a real-life Santa Claus, Christmas elves, coloring, snacks and face painting!

tiger-face-painting-by-cynnamon-at-elks-lodge-in-sfThe little girl pictured on the left, was a toddler between the age of 1-2 years old and she knew immediately that she wanted to be a tiger. Now normally when children are especially excited about becoming their favorite animal or character through face painting,they are on their perfect behavior and sit very still for me to paint their faces, but sometimes it’s just hard for them because they don’t quite understand yet. This particular little girl kept moving her face, so after asking her very nicely to “try to be still so that I didn’t mess up her awesome tiger face” and asking wasn’t working, I tried a different approach. I started telling her (in my very kind child voice) exactly what I was doing and why with positive reinforcements. I would say, “okay we’re almost done, you’re doing a great job of sitting still. I’m painting your adorable tiger ear, and now I’m doing your tiger stripes, and now I’m doing your cute black nose…” I walked her through the entire thing going as quickly as I could, continually reminding her of what a great job she was doing and how we were almost done.

It worked! She sat still and I was able to finish! Her Mom and Grandmother were behind me while I painted her, snapping these photos. They were so grateful and after the little girl ran off excited to show her face off to everyone, her Grandmother stayed behind, thanked me profusely for being so good with her, and handed me a $20 tip. I tried to let her know that I was fully compensated for the face painting from the Elks Lodge but she insisted I take it in gratitude for my effort and success in working with her Granddaughter. It’s moments like that that make my heart grow 10 sizes bigger just like the Grinch. 😉 Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Call to book entertainment for your next party or event in the San Francisco Bay Area! 415-548-1178.

We offer photo booths, face painters, balloon twisters, clowns, characters, caricature artists, jugglers, fortune tellers, stilt walkers and performing artists like hula hoop dancers, poi dancers and fire dancers!


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