Face Painting and Henna for Peace Day!

Yesterday, our lead face painter, Cynnamon, offered face painting at the Academy of Arts Middle School in San Francisco, Ca in celebration of “Peace Day”. Face painting at middle school in San Francisco, Ca Cynnamon was offering her face painting to the teenagers attending the middle school alongside a very talented henna artist named Julia, who is now a part of our Bay Area Party Entertainment team. The teenagers seemed to be weary of getting their faces painted, wondering if it was “cool” enough, until they stood behind Cynnamon, watching her paint designs in awe. One of the girls burst out, “Oh wow, this isn’t like any other face painting I’ve ever seen, she knows what she’s doing”. It’s easy for the older kids and adults to want to get in on the face-painting-fun when the artist does beautiful work!

After the event, Cynnamon received this amazing 5-star review from the client that booked her for the event. Briana said:

“Cynnamon was fantastic for our event- she is super warm and friendly and the work she does is beautiful. This event was for high school youth and they were thrilled with the designs, but I have seen her at events with younger folks as well as adults and everyone always walk away happy. Thank you!”

Cynnamon is a face painter based in El Cerrito, Ca and Julia is a henna artist based in Alameda, Ca so together they can service all of the East Bay, extending to the surrounding cities in the San Francisco Bay area including but not limited to Oakland, Ca, Piedmont, Ca, Berkeley, Ca, Orinda, Ca, Richmond, Ca, Albany, Ca, San Francisco, Ca and more!

If you’d like to book a face painter, henna artist or any of our many other entertainment services, call today 415-548-1178!


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