Birthday Girl Stung by a Bee at Face Painting Party in Marin!

Face painting San Rafael, Ca farmers market July 2018Today the lead face painter and the owner of Bay Area Party Entertainment, Cynnamon, was working a face painting booth at the Thursday Marin Civic Center Farmers Market in San Rafael, Ca from 8am-1pm. We just moved our company office to the North Bay of San Francisco in Marin County to the city of San Rafael, Ca so we are working on getting to know the area and passing out our business cards.

Cynnamon posted on our Bay Area Party Entertainment facebook page about enjoying the extra sweet and tender blackberries from one of the local organic farmers and was inviting people to bring their kids to come get their faces painted, when she was pleasantly surprised by a mother-daughter-duo that recognized her. The child in front of her was 10-year-old Ava and her Mom, Victoria, and they quickly reminded Cynnamon that she had face painted at Ava’s butterfly-themed birthday party 4 years prior when she was only 6-years-old  in Marin County! Cynnamon quickly remembered Ava and her butterfly face paint party and together they reminisced about it. They were laughing when they remembered that almost immediately after Ava was face painted that day (4 years ago), Ava stepped on a bee when she was running to hug a friend that had just arrived. Cynnamon had just read a blog online titled “6 Home Remidies for Bee Stings: What Works?” and remembered that one of the things listed was toothpaste!

face painting at San Rafael farmers market

While Cynnamon held Ava, who was now crying in pain, she yelled to the guests at the party to find toothpaste to help Ava’s bee sting stop hurting and someone actually had toothpaste in their car! The gentleman with toothpaste ran to the rescue and Ava felt relief after only a few seconds of the toothpaste being applied. Ava’s Mom, Victoria, even mentioned that they have shared that information with other people since then that even helped other kids when they were stung by a bee.

This time, instead of getting a painting on her face, Ava, now 10 years old, decided to get a pretty henna style design painted on her hand. She loved it and they happily took a photo together.

These kinds of stories truly touch us and remind our entire team here at Bay Area Party Entertainment how lucky we are to be a part of so many lives and create memories that will last a lifetime. If you would like to book entertainment for your child’s birthday party, your company event or any other special occasion, call us today at 415-548-1178. Or find us online to learn more about our many children entertainment services at 


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