Easter Bunny Character, Richmond, Ca

Easter 2019 is quickly upon us and Bay Area Party Entertainment would like to announce that aside from all of our year-around party characters, we now offer an Easter Bunny Character that is based in the East Bay of San Francisco in Richmond, Ca that is perfect for the Easter Holiday!  Our Easter Rabbit mascot will happily come do a guest appearance at your party in the San Francisco Bay Area, and can help with your Easter Egg hunt, school festival, church function or any other party to make the kids smile and take photos with all of your guests! Our Easter Bunny loves to entertain children with dance parties, limbo, a egg march, freeze dance, hot potato and the chicken dance and the entertainer that dresses as the Easter Bunny also does face painting, balloon twisting and games if you want her to also offer those services.


Have you ever wondered why a bunny is used to commemorate this Easter Holiday? There are many different stories that help us to discover why a rabbit started being used to commemorate this holiday…One theory is that it came from the Pagan tradition called the festival of Eostre, which celebrated a goddess of fertility who’s animal symbol was a bunny. It makes sense that a bunny would be used to symbolize fertility considering they are known for their constant breeding and quick turn-a-round time when it comes to the duration it takes to have their bunny babies. Rabbits are prolific breeders and females can conceive of a second litter while they are still pregnant and they can also give birth several times a year! The gestation period of a rabbit is only 27-38 days depending on the breed!

Maybe this goddess of fertility was celebrated during this day on Easter because it is close to the time when all of the beautiful creatures start mating for spring! Either way, children love celebrating Easter by doing Easter egg hunts, dying their hard-boiled eggs pretty colors and enjoying time with family so make a big impression at your Easter celebration this year by booking our Easter Bunny character today! 415-548-1178

Bay Area Party Entertainment also offers face painters, balloon twisters, clowns, characters, caricature artists, henna artists, jugglers, magicians and photo booth rentals! We service the entire San Francisco Bay Area including Marin County, Alameda County, San Mateo County, Contra Costa County and beyond!


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